Urban Outreach

To create multiple avenues to combat the barriers and obstacles that exist within urban communities.

The Urban Outreach Initiative (formerly Vanguard Street Ministry) is foundational to the overall work and success of Urban Alliance. This initiative is our “boots on the ground” efforts to build relationships with individuals in urban communities. In our experience, through building relationships with individuals in the neighborhood we are able to communicate value, build credibility, and assess the needs of our friends in the neighborhood.

Urban Outreach Initiative consists of three avenues in which we impact the neighborhood; Street Outreach, Initiatives, and Community Events.

Street Outreach is our opportunity to meet people exactly where they are and for who they are. The purpose of street outreach is to care and love people where they are through their situation. Often the outreach team will either post up at a local gathering spot or walk the streets with the purpose of simply engaging in people’s lives. Street Outreach is the best way that we as an organization can build relationships, establish credibility and invite individuals to further enhance their lives through the resources that Urban Alliance offers.

In 2017 the street outreach team developed a process in which we can deeper impact our friends in the community. By engaging in deeper relationships we are able to further understand the situation that each person resides in, the barriers that exist in their lives, and the goals and dreams they have for their future. Through this process we are able to walk alongside individuals and encourage them as they develop the skills and tools necessary to become successful in their life. By understanding barriers that exists preventing progress and establishing clear goals, individuals will have a plan of action that will direct them towards success in their life.

Street Outreach

The goal of initiatives is combat current issues that reside in urban neighborhoods- The current initiative that we are focusing on is urban youth. Currently, we see that there is a disadvantage that urban youth have when it comes to equal opportunities and equal access to resources. These limited opportunities and resources prohibit many youths from achieving their highest potential in life.

Through establishing the Urban Youth Development Academy, we are able to dismantle the barriers and obstacles that exist within inner city youth by empowering and encouraging them to take responsibility and control over their future. The urban youth academy seeks to achieve these goals through creating opportunities that encourage growth in all areas of their life; Mind, body and soul.

Youth Academy

We have seen in communities where organizations, churches, and businesses have been separated in their efforts to tackle the needs of the community. The purpose of Outreach Events is to cultivate a culture of collaboration so that the neighborhood can grow and thrive in unity. These events also act as an opportunity to build relationships with individuals in the neighborhood and show them that we care.


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