It is two weeks after the sixth term of Momentum had ended, and I just received two more phone calls from participants, that makes 6 phone calls or texts since the graduation.

But before I tell you what they said let’s back up a bit.

The Momentum Employment Solutions Program is an intensive 6-week employment readiness program that is open to just about anyone. While on the surface it may look simple, it is far from simple. We work with those who society has often thrown out, given up on, or forgotten. Over 60% of the participants of Momentum are classified as homeless, 97% have significant criminal backgrounds, 80% have stopped believing they will ever be able to provide for themselves or their family, and over 90% have current substance abuse issues. Which is why an enormous part of the program is not about new skills, is not about creating a perfect resume or having the right clothes, the program is about creating hope. While we do help develop new skills, help each participant create a wonderful resume, and make sure each has the appropriate clothes for an interview, the best part of each term is seeing that spark return to their eyes.

At the start of each term, we stand before a classroom filled with skeptics who look at us with big doubts about whether we are able to help and, to be fair, I would expect nothing less. Because why would this program be any different than the various other programs that have tried to “fix them.” We are not trying to “fix them.” We are partnering with them to help them see that they have the ability to help themselves. Helping them to see that buried within all their pain and hurt is a wonderful person who mainly needs love, encouragement and some additional support and guidance in order to thrive.

It is virtually impossible to predict who will fully embrace the process we ask them to undertake when they enroll in Momentum, but we love being surprised by those who graduate. Sometimes the very individuals that you think would never make it are the ones that exceed all your expectations.

The participants of Momentum are like so many we encounter each and every day. They are individuals who, like all of us, are looking for purpose, direction, and hope. While society tends to see them as statistics, and clumps their collective failures together, they are individuals and have a story they are desperately trying share. If we choose to focus on the enormous amount of people who need help, we will miss the individual that just needs a hand up. If we try to solve all of a neighborhood’s problems at once, we can easily become overwhelmed and paralyzed by the sheer amount of work. However, if we focus on one individual, we might just change a life.

Back to those phone calls. Each call was the completion of a journey and the start of a new journey. A new journey where the graduates were starting to write their new story; one of hope and excitement. The phone calls went something like this “ I got the job!” or “I start next Monday!” often followed by “I never thought I would have a job like this again!” This is what hope renewed looks like. This is an empowered individual. This is how lasting change begins.

Momentum is not a silver bullet and we will never claim to have all of the answers, but we chose to focus on each individual; to help one individual at a time and work relationally. One size does not fit all, but love and hope are universally needed. While we are leading the charge in helping these individuals in creating hope, we do not have super skills or impressive credentials. We are simply choosing to interact relationally with each participant and creating hope through that relationship. This is work that most are capable of doing, and we need your help to ensure each participant gets the care they deserve. Please consider volunteering at Urban Alliance, and giving the powerful gift of hope.

Luke Kujacznski, Interim Director of UA