Momentum Urban Employment Initiative

Momentum is a program that provides eligible unemployed and underemployed people with job and life skill training to secure and maintain new employment. The six week program commenced in October 2013 and is held every quarter.

Momentum is a radically different way of addressing Workforce Development in Urban Neighborhoods. With a unique blend of life skills, essential skills and employment readiness skills, Momentum gets to the root of what causes job loss and develops with traits that employers crave.

Each Momentum graduate completes a rigorous 6-week course that includes 100 hours of in class instruction and 100 hours of Volunteer Work Experience. In addition, graduates are placed into good paying jobs from their network of over 50 local employers.


Alongside our lead trainer, we use a team of dedicated volunteers sourced from our community and development partners to coach program participants so that they can successfully complete our 6 week Workforce Readiness Training Placement Program and receive a satisfying job that matches their interests and competencies. Once the course is completed, we match up program participants with a community minded employer that we source from our constituents who is willing to walk with the person as they re-emerge from their particular situation.


Within our organization and the numerous agencies and affiliates we partner with there exists a passionate and devoted group of constituents who have significant investment and business interests within Western Michigan. We have worked hard in nurturing these partnerships and passionate community leaders over the past 10 years. These business leaders form a part of the Momentum Business Network who will be reserving a position in their respective businesses.

At the successful conclusion of the 6 week program, participants will be invited to apply for job opportunities through the Momentum Business Network.


Based on our research, the audience for Momentum services includes single mothers reentering the workforce, people who are welfare dependent, people with disabilities, young people looking for their first opportunity, previously incarcerated individuals and people in career transition. All these groups represent potential candidates for the Momentum program and exist within the urban community of Kalamazoo that we serve.

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