Our mission is to communicate the value that resides in every individual.

Urban Alliance was formed out of a need to see urban communities transformed and a desire to create a vehicle for that to happen.  Although the work of some of our subsidiaries was conceived as early as 1999, Urban Alliance, Inc. received its tax exempt status in 2006. Along with creating, fostering and promoting community development programs within urban communities, Urban Alliance serves as a conduit for providing multiple services to marginalized residents.

Urban Alliance comprises the following divisions:

Momentum Urban Employment

Momentum is a program that provides eligible unemployed and underemployed people with job and life skill training to secure and maintain new employment. Momentum is a 6-week workforce development engine focused on removing barriers to work and helping individuals reach their full potential!

Urban Outreach

The Urban Outreach Initiative (formerly Vanguard Street Ministry) is foundational to the overall work and success of Urban Alliance. This initiative is our “boots on the ground” efforts to build relationships with individuals in urban communities. In our experience, through building relationships with individuals in the neighborhood we are able to communicate value, build credibility, and assess the needs of our friends in the neighborhood.

Since its inception, Urban Alliance has fostered many positive programs, beginning in Kalamazoo County through various partnerships. The goal of Urban Alliance, Inc. is not to duplicate services but rather to work with people and organizations that have creative ideas on how to fill service gaps within their community. Our target group is marginalized people. Our experience over the past 14 years has been that relationships alongside social services provides a powerful offense against hopelessness, poverty, addiction and crime.